At the August 2021 face-to-face ALCM Board meeting the following motion was approved: 

Motion approved
To explore the possibility of moving to a dissolution of the four regional officer positions while expanding the board to 12 positions (3 officers and 9 at-large).

A task force will be charged with looking at how we fulfill this motion. This will include how things work or don’t work within the restrictions currently set forth in our Bylaws. This task force will determine changes that would be needed to current Bylaws to make such a change to our structure. They will look at how we might implement such a model – both short term and long term (i.e., workarounds due to current limitations perhaps, recommended pathways and timelines for such implementation).

History and Background that led to this decision
After much review and discussion, the ALCM Board feels like the current structure of the Board is not optimal at this time as we have grown and developed over the years. While regional representation remains extremely important, we are experiencing a system that is strained and probably not operating as efficiently as it was at the inception of ALCM. Our current regional presidents serve on the Board, and outside of that function, with the move to Hearts, Hands, Voices and focus on national conferences, they report limited functionality within regions. Regions have indicated time and time again they may be too big to meaningfully implement further programming at that level. With no regional conferences, the regional vice presidents effectively have no tasks before them.

The original structure at one time guaranteed a succession plan for positions but finding people to run who are willing to fill these roles has become challenging, magnified by geography and perhaps less clear direction on what the roles do.

Now that we have experienced the virtual capabilities we have, and have shifted to ALCM staff led programming, the Board feels it is a good time to explore how we are structured. We have spent much time in considering the voices of ALCM and how the most voices can be integrated throughout the organization. The Board believes the best way to do this would be to expand the Board to 12 members (rather than the current 9). This would include 3 officers (as currently in place) and 9 directors at large. This would eliminate the current regional officer positions.

A national nominating committee would need to be established to manage all elections. This committee would be responsible for filling the positions in a way that incorporates the most voices and represents the most diversity, to include geographic representation across the country.

Report of the Bylaws Committee

Bylaws Committee Elections Transition

ALCM Constitution Amendment Proposal (with markup)

ALCM Constitution Amendment Proposal (without markup)

***Watch a recording of the ALCM Bylaws Town Hall Meeting that took place in preparation for the January 17 virtual meeting.***