• Part Time
  • IL - Illinois
  • May 14, 2020
  • Church body: ELCA
Hours per week: 10-18
When position is available: June
Job Compensation: $12,000-15,000
Contact Name: Pastor Brittany

Website First Evangelical Lutheran Church of Blue Island

First Lutheran Church seeks an organist for well-maintained Wicks Organ. Services are 10 am on Sundays with an historic congregation– over 150 years of history!

–         The Employee will be diligent in preparation and performance of music and will cooperate with others to provide a high standard of worship


–         The Employee will meet regularly with the acting Pastor to plan worship music for services with the Pastor’s input


–         The Employee and a representative of the Employer agree to meet regularly so as to effect collegiality in the ministry of music


–         The Employee shall cooperate with the Employer in planning worship services and leading the music program


–         The Employee shall maintain the condition and functionality of the Employer’s musical instruments

o   The Employee shall report to the appropriate church committee(s) on the condition and needs for the maintenance of the Employer’s musical instruments.

o   The Employee shall schedule the repair and maintenance appointments and be physically present for these approved repair or maintenance appointments

§  The Employer shall be responsible for paying approved repair or maintenance costs

§   Approval is given through the Church Council

o   The Employer shall guarantee that guest musicians shall not be permitted to use the Employer’s musical instruments without prior approval by the Employee


–         As there are a variety of traditions and styles in organ and piano music that are appropriate for various services, the Employee agrees to make choices that reflect liturgically appropriate themes for each Sunday or worship occasion


–         The Employee shall provide self-selected music as the prelude and postlude of the regularly scheduled Sunday morning services

o   The Employee is allotted 2 (two) Sundays off per calendar year where the Employer shall pay substitute musicians; it is expected that the Employee shall assist in finding substitute musicians for these 2 (two) Sundays

o   The substitute musician for any additional Sundays off will be paid through a deduction from the Employee’s normal salary


–         The Employee shall provide music for special church services scheduled by the Employer

o   If the Employee is not available, he/she will assist in the hiring of substitute musicians

o   Church holidays such as Ash Wednesday, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, Easter Vigil, or Christmas Eve that do not fall on Sundays are not considered part of the aforementioned 2 (two) Sundays off clause; it is expected that if there is a service at First Evangelical Lutheran Church of Blue Island on a Christian holiday, the Employee shall be the musician at that service

§  Further, when the Employer is engaged in a combined service with other area congregations, it is the expectation that the Employee will be the musician at these services for no additional fee beyond the normal salary; the Employee does not receive additional compensation for these combined worship services since they are part of the worship expression of the First Evangelical Lutheran Church


o   The Employee will have first right of refusal for all weddings or funerals/memorials held on the Employer’s property requiring an organ or piano

§  The Employee shall receive an additional payment for funerals and weddings at a price mutually agreed upon by the Employee and the family of the funeral/memorial or wedding

§  The Employee is responsible for securing the fee

§  The Employee shall assist the Employer in finding suitable replacement musicians for funerals/memorials and weddings

§  The Employee shall assist interested parties for funerals/memorial and weddings in selecting appropriate music for their occasion

·        The acting Pastor may assist in music selection with families seeking to hold their loved ones’ funeral/memorial and work in coordination with the Employee about music choices

–         The Employee shall rehearse once a week (or as scheduled) with all the Employer’s existing choirs


–         The Employee shall be responsible for overseeing and working with a choir, including selecting skill-appropriate music, recruiting members, and integrating the choir into the worship services


–         The Employee shall own the copyright to any work composed, created, arranged, or otherwise modified by the Employee, regardless of whether the composition, creation, arrangement, or modification was done during the term of this contract and/or at the direction of the Employer



–         The Employer shall permit the Employee to use the Employer’s musical instruments for private teaching provided that the times of lessons and use of facilities do not interfere with the Employer’s program needs.


–         The Employee shall be solely responsible for all taxation and accounting obligations that result from self-employment income received from private teaching, playing additional programs such as funerals and weddings, and other means of income received from using the Employer’s musical instruments. These responsibilities include but are not limited to quarterly estimates and payment of all appropriate taxes and FICA/Medicare contributions


–         The Employer shall furnish office equipment such as paper and photocopier for the use of the Employee as needed in his/her abovementioned duties


–         The Employee shall not engage in the unauthorized duplication of copyrighted materials by photocopying or any other means that would expose the Employer to liability for penalties under existing or future copyright laws. In the event that photocopying of music becomes necessary for appropriate purposes, the Employee, on behalf of the Employer, shall first obtain all necessary permissions and authorizations prior to any such reproduction of copyrighted materials. The Employer hereby indemnifies the Employee from all liability in connection with the foregoing, provided the Employee complies with this paragraph.

Street Address: 2519 Grove St
Zip Code/Postal Code: 60406
Phone: 7083854700

To apply for this job email your details to pastor.brittanybk@gmail.com