Rae Ann Anderson Webinar 3/26/21: Don’t Dumb it Down for Children (or Adults)




Yes, children can be sweet, and cute, and innocent, and naïve, but that does not mean they should be limited in what they can be taught! Children (and adults) are limited in what they can learn only by the limitations of our ability to teach them. From our preparation as leaders; to what is expected from our singers; to the quality of the materials we select; and ultimately to the final presentation we must offer the best we are able. This does not necessarily translate into the most complicated or technically difficult. We are ultimately called to set our singers up to succeed. The goal of this webinar is to discover, or be reminded of, tools and technique to help children be the best they can be and create the quality musical offering they deserve to experience. In the end, this is the same for ensembles of any age!

Rae Ann Anderson
Director of Music
St. Paul’s Lutheran Church, Glenside, PA