From an August 24 Facebook post from Bob Hobby:

Dear Friends:
I wanted to share some health related news. Following numerous blood tests, a bone marrow biopsy, and a pet scan, I received a diagnosis yesterday that I have Waldenstrom (the short title) — a rare (5 in a million) non hodgkin’s lymphoma. This low-grade lymphoma is incurable, but it is treatable, and about 70 % of its patients reach ten years of life or longer. The particular chemo treatment I will be undergoing for about 6 months – starting in September – is gentler than other regiments and has less significant side effects. So the overall hope/goal is that work and other activities will be minimally affected by the lymphoma. In other words, I have no intention of backing away from church obligations, playing hymn festivals around the country, completing compositions that were commissioned by various groups, and mowing the lawn when Jenny permits me to do so!
Cancer is never welcomed news, but I have much for which to be grateful:
1) For the past twenty one months I have drawn inspiration from Jenny, who personifies strength and grace, despite facing hardship. She, along with our ever-active, beautiful daughters, bring so much life, love, and joy into our home. Journeying through life with them – especially during the past two years – makes this new “trek” less intimidating.
2) I have complete confidence in a top-notch oncologist (pretty awesome baritone in Trinity’s Chancel Choir, too!) and the medical staff at Parkview’s Cancer Institute.
3) I have witnessed numerous examples of God’s handiwork through Jenny’s cancer journey, shown to us daily through/from extended family, friends, neighbors, colleagues, staff and members of Trinity English. It certainly gives me courage to move into the new day, knowing I can count on such moral and spiritual support behind us.
4) This fall Trinity has in place two new staff musicians – Dan and Emily – whose spirit, talents, and experience instill in me enthusiasm as I plan this year’s goals for the music ministry; their presence also provides me peace of mind, in case I would need to momentarily step aside to “recharge.”
5) Last, but not least, the Almighty – in whom we live and breathe – is ever faithful, loving, and compassionate. With that assurance, to quote the hymn: “…how can I keep from singing?”
Despite my anemic-ridden body that needs an occasional rest, my spirit is really pumped up, ready to see what exciting adventures await in the coming year. I can’t wait to share some of those adventures with you. So rest up, yourself, and get ready!
Peace and joy,
PS – Thank you, in advance, for understanding that Jenny, the girls, and I will be unable to respond individually to notes/texts, etc…..especially those with questions. Elizabeth and Jenny are currently preparing for Elizabeth’s return to college next week, Lydia is busy teaching and coaching volleyball, Hannah is getting ready for her October wedding, and I – of all times – am on the list for jury duty!! 😂