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Cantor Connection Hymn Festival Series

Countdown to the 500th Anniversary of the Reformation

In 2012, the board members of ALCM Columbus: Cantor Connection sat down to discuss what to do with it’s annual Hymn Festival.  Coming up with ideas and themes is always a tricky venture, we had great success in the past, however, coming up with ideas was becoming difficult.  With the 500th anniversary of the Reformation approaching, it was suggested that we put together a five festival series focusing on Martin Luther.

Here’s the hymn festival series:

2013 – June 2 – All Saints Lutheran Church, Worthington, Ohio
“Martin Luther’s Deutsche Messe: Then and Now”
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2014 – June 1 – North Community Lutheran Church, Columbus, Ohio
“Singing the Faith: Martin Luther’s Catechism Chorales”
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2015 –  June 14 – Ascension Lutheran Church, Columbus, Ohio
“Preaching the Faith: the hymns of Martin Luther”
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2016 – June 12 – Gethsemane Lutheran Church, Worthington, Ohio
“Called to Serve God and Our Neighbor:  Men, Women,
and Martin Luther’s Idea of Vocation”
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2017 – June 11 – Prince of Peace Lutheran Church, Dublin, Ohio
“Here I Stand”
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We are excited about having offered and continuing to offer these hymn festivals to the central Ohio Lutheran churches as we count down to the 500th anniversary. We invite you to look at the bulletins of our hymn festivals and use them as models for your own hymn festival.

If you have any questions about what we do, feel free to contact us (see contact info below). We are always willing to help others spread the gospel through music.

Soli Deo Gloria!!!

In Christ’s Service,
Mark W. Pinnick,  President

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The goals of ALCM Columbus: Cantor Connection are:

  • To provide resources, information and encouragement for central Ohio Lutheran church musicians in their efforts to proclaim the Word through music and liturgy.
  • To organize quarterly gatherings in varied locations to plan events and share ideas and resources.
  • To produce local and regional hymn festivals, workshops, and other activities benefiting its members.
  • To maintain a common calendar of concerts and other church-related events of interest to musicians in central Ohio.

Full membership in Cantor Connection (including voting privileges) requires membership in ALCM. Friends of Cantor Connection receive news of events but are not able to vote on matters concerning the organization. For more on the history of Cantor Connection, click here.

President: Mark Pinnick
Recording Secretary: Jane McFadden
Treasurer: Tom Gerke
Directors-at-Large: David Pack, Mark Plescia

For more information on Cantor Connection, contact Mark Pinnick at