Kyries & Glorias

The following Kyries (prayer concerns) and Glorias (thanksgivings) have been submitted by ALCM members.

  • Kyrie – Mark Glaeser 02/12/2019 Please keep in your prayers ALCM member Mark Glaeser. This morning Mark shared on Facebook his ongoing battle with cancer. “We come to you for healing Lord, of body mind, and soul, and pray that by your Spirit’s touch we may again be whole. As once you walked through ancient streets and reached toward those in pain, ... Read more
  • In memoriam – Linda S. Schmidt 12/18/2018 In memoriam - Linda S. Schmidt Read more
  • Gloria 11/11/2018 The opening hymn festival at the October 2018 Concordia University Chicago Lectures in Church Music featured pieces commissioned by Bill and Nancy Raabe.  Works were presented by composers Behnke, Busarow, Cherwien, Hildebrand, Hobby, Kempke, Kohrs, Ore, Pelz, Schack, and Schalk. The event also featured “Love is the Key,” for which composer Zebulon Highben received the 2011 ALCM Raabe Prize for Excellence ... Read more
  • In memoriam – Dexter Weikel 11/11/2018 In thanksgiving for the baptismal life of Dr. Dexter Weikel, music professor emritus at Gettysburg Seminary. Dr. Weikel died in the Lord on All Saints’ Day, November 1, 2018. Services will be held at Christ Church, 30 Chambersburg Street, Gettysburg on Saturday, Dec. 2 at 10:30 a.m. Read more
  • Gloria – Marriage of Margaret Raabe 11/08/2018 Gloria - Marriage of Margaret Raabe Read more
  • In memoriam Sarah Rupert 09/13/2018 In memoriam Sarah Rupert Read more
  • Gloria – Sarah Rupert 09/13/2018 In thanksgiving for the baptismal life of Sarah Rupert, wife of Lee Rupert, September 12. Sarah was a choir member of Apollo’s Fire in Cleveland and a member of the Cleveland Lutheran A Cappella Choir. Rest in God’s peace, Sarah. Read more
  • Kyrie – in memoriam Erik Floan 06/01/2018 Long-time ALCM member Erik Floan died  May 31, 2018 at his home in Winona, Minnesota. The funeral was held at 11 a.m. on Saturday, July 14, 2018 at Mount Olive Lutheran Church, Minneapolis, MN. A wonderful article about Erik’s being reunited with his birth family appeared in the Winona Daily News. You can also read ... Read more
  • Gloria – Bruce Bengtson Retirement 06/01/2018 Congratulations to ALCM member Bruce Bengtson on his retirement this weekend from Luther Memorial in Madison, Wisconsin, where he has served as Director of Music for 40 years. A wonderful newspaper article about Bruce and his ministry at Luther Memorial appeared in the Wisconsin State Journal. Read more
  • Kyrie – Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church in Milwaukee 05/16/2018 Prayers are requested for the members of this congregation in downtown Milwaukee, whose church building was consumed by fire on Tuesday, May 15. John Behnke is the musician at this church. Read more