Mike Krentz’s father, Ed Krentz, died this past weekend. Mike shared this post on Facebook:

Last night my father died, at peace at Montgomery Place, in his sleep. He had been in and out of the hospital from April thru August, and then decided that was enough.
He lived a long and fruitful life, he and my mother celebrated their 69th anniversary in September.
Obviously, I owe a lot to him – love of Bach, and the organ, and singing in choirs, and the hymns of the church. (I owe all of this to my Mom as well.) He taught for 65 years at several seminaries, and I was privileged to follow him in this.
His favorite hymn before going to bed, which he would sing with my mother in the hospital, is the hymn by Paul Gerhardt:
Lord Jesus, since you love me,
come, spread your wings above me.
Shield your chick from alarm.
Though Satan would devour me
The angel host sings o’er me:
“This child of God shall meet no harm.”
Of course, they did it in German. Rest in peace, Dad.