Connie Millberg,


October 18, 2018

2:00 pm Eastern Time

Developing and Leading a
Children’s Music Camp 

Connie Millberg introduced “music camp” to St. Stephen Lutheran Church in 2000. Over the past 18 years the camp has grown from 40 children with 20 volunteers to 132 children (their capacity) with 95 volunteers. Registration fills in a matter of hours.

St. Stephen music camp week is centered around a children’s musical. Connie will share ideas and processes for you to use to create a successful, fun, creative, and Christ-centered music camp.

Some of the topics included:

  • Selecting your musical and restructuring to include parts for kids of all ages
  • Developing and investing in your team of volunteers
  • Equipping your Lead Team to use their creative gifts
  • Setting up your daily schedule
  • Partnering with Thrivent and other businesses

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