Hymn Festivals

Throughout its history, ALCM has used hymn festivals as a means of promoting congregational song in the Lutheran church. Recordings of ALCM-sponsored hymn festivals are available in the ALCM Marketplace. In addition to recorded hymn festivals, ALCM promotes congregational song by making available resources for interested congregations and other groups to host their own hymn festivals.

ALCM Hymn Festival Recordings

The hymn festival recordings listed below are all available for purchase in the ALCM Marketplace. Complete contents for each CD can be found there.

  • The Book, The Meal, the Song – recorded live at the 1995 national ALCM conference, St. John’s Episcopal Church, Denver, CO – Donald Busarow, organist and artistic director [CS #2]
  • Sing! a hymn sing led by Alice Parker – recorded live at Gettysburg Seminary, Sunday, March 1, 1998 [CS #3]
  • A Hymn Festival Celebrating the Lutheran Chorale – recorded live at the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Saint Luke, Chicago, IL, November 14, 1999 – Paul Manz, organist; Martin E. Marty, narrator  [CS #4]
  • Joy is Sounding: The Sacred Music of Walter L. Pelz – recorded live at Gloria Dei Worship Center, Trinity Seminary, Columbus, OH, April 22, 2001 – Walter L. Pelz, organist; Wlater R. Bouman, narrator [CS #5]
  • So Much to Sing About: The Hymns of Jaroslav Vajda – recorded live August 26, 2001 at the Morton H. Meyerson Symphony Center, Dallas, TX – David Schack, organist; Paul Westermeyer, narrator; Donald Rotermund, choral director [CS #6]
  • My Heart Rejoices! Celebrating the Sacred Music of Paul G. Bunjes – recorded at St. Lorenz Lutheran Church, Frankenmuth, MI, November 11, 2001 – Steven Wente, organist; Chrles P. Brown, conductor; John C. Zeile, narrator [CS #7]
  • Alleluia, Voice Raise: Music of Richard Hillert – recorded at Grace Lutheran Church, River Forest, IL, October 19-21, 2003 – Martin Jean, organist; Tim Cloeter, Jonathan Kohrs, and Jonathan Oblander, conductors [CS #8]
  • From the Heart to the Heavens – recorded live at the Calvin College Chapel, Grand Rapids, MI, January 30/31, 2004 – John Schwandt, organist, pianist, arranger; Emily Brink, liturgist; Pearl Shangkuan, conductor [CS #9]
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