Membership in ALCM

Membership in ALCM is open to any person or congregation/institution having an interest in the goals of the organization. There are a variety of membership categories tailored to specific situations. See the full list of membership benefits below.

To become a member, you may apply online or print and mail an application form. Each new member receives a membership packet containing the most recent issues of each ALCM publication (see below for descriptions). To give a one-year gift membership, please print and mail the gift application form. Recipients of gift memberships will be sent a new member packet, including an ALCM recording, and a card acknowledging you as the giver of the gift. If you wish the gift to be anonymous, please check the appropriate box when you complete the form.

ALCM members receive these benefits:


CrossAccent, the journal of the Association of Lutheran Church Musicians, is published and sent to members and subscribing libraries three times per year. Volumes contain scholarly and informative articles which explore theological, musicological, hymnological, sociological, liturgical, and historical issues. In addition, each issue contains an extensive review section of books, choral, organ, and handbell music. ALCM members can view and download back issues of CrossAccent for free. View a sample of CrossAccent.

In Tempo is ALCM’s practical resource, published three times per year and sent to all members. It features articles and essays devoted to the practice of church music. Issues are seasonally themed and address various aspects of the vocation of the parish musician, including worship planning, musical performance and composition, and spirituality and self-care. Like CrossAccent, members can view and download all issues of In Tempo at no cost. View a sample issue of In Tempo.

The ALCM Membership Directory, published annually in early winter, is mailed to all members. It features names, addresses, phone numbers, and e-mail addresses for every current member of ALCM, including home and work information. The directory also includes listings of national officers, committee chairs, regional officers, publications editors, and denominational representatives.

The ALCM e-newsletter is published at the beginning of each month and contains time-sensitive information of interest to ALCM members. Back issues of the e-newsletter are posted on the web site.

"Members Area" Resources
An ever-growing body of downloadable resources free for use by ALCM members. In the “Members Area” you can download and use:

  • new hymns, descants, concertatos, and hymn stanza alternations for choir;
  • liturgical music, psalm settings, and gospel acclamations;
  • music for organ, piano, handbells, and other instruments;
  • handouts and other materials from conference presentations and workshops;
  • all issues of CrossAccent and In Tempo
  • listen to ALCM hymn festival recordings
  • new and archived publishers digital reading sessions
  • and a host of other resources.

Exciting and professionally stimulating conferences are held every year. Regional conferences and/or local events are held in even-numbered years, and national conferences are held in odd-numbered years. Previous biennials were held in Valparaiso, IN (1997), Richmond, VA (1999), Independence, MO (2001). San Diego, CA (2003), New York City (2005), Houston (2007), Milwaukee (2009), and Seattle (2011), Valparaiso, IN (2013), Atlanta, GA (2015), Minneapolis, MN (2017), Portland, OR (2019), and Philadelphia, PA (2023, postponed from 2021). The 2025 biennial conference will be held in Raleigh-Durham, NC.

Institutional/Congregational Memberships

Institutional members receive the same publications and have the same access to ALCM member benefit resources as do individual members. In addition, congregations may send any number of their own members to conferences or workshops at member rates. ALCM hears an ongoing expressed need across the country from small congregations and part-time musicians for support and training on the local level. Your membership will help ALCM develop practical, local workshops and training events designed to meet the needs of average church choirs of all ages, organists and directors with formal or modest training, and will be a vital resource for all congregations and musicians. Your congregation’s institutional membership is an act of stewardship for the whole church. You may apply online, or print and mail an application form.

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