The Faithful Servant Award (formerly Honorary Lifetime Member) was established in recognition of and appreciation for those who have made extraordinary contributions to the worship life of the church. This award is presented every two years at the biennial conference.

List of Faithful Servant Award recipients:

2021   Cheryl Dieter, Scott Weidler

2019   Susan Palo Cherwien, Charles Ore

2017   Mark Bangert, Gail Ramshaw

2015   Victor Gebauer, Wilbur Held, Walter Pelz

2013    John Ferguson

2011    Mark Bighley, Evangeline Rimbach

2009    Jerry Evenrud, Paul Westermeyer

2007    Tom Leeseberg-Lange, Ronald Nelson

2006    Herman Stuempfle, Jaroslav Vajda

2005    Carolyn Jennings, Gordon Lathrop, Walter Bouman

2003    Paul Bouman

2001    Martin Marty, L. David Miller

1997    Philip Gehring

1995    Richard Hillert, Carl Schalk

1993    Paul Manz, Carlos Messerli

1989    Larry Christensen

1988    M. Alfred Bichsel

1987    Jan Bender