Raabe Hymn Text Competition

The Association of Lutheran Church Musicians invites new hymn texts for the tunes BETHOLD (ELW 317), SEWARD (LSB 415), and ST. CLEMENT (ELW 563, 569; LSB 886, 891; CW 594).

BETHOLD and SEWARD are currently paired exclusively with the Transfiguration text “Jesus on the Mountain Peak.” Because these hymns are sung only once a year on Transfiguration, introducing additional texts of a more general nature can assist congregations in learning the tunes. The tunes are in 78 78 8 (ELW) and 78 78 4 (LSB) meter, but since the last phrase is one or two alleluias, they can be considered the same meter. Text submissions for BETHOLD/SEWARD must be able to be sung with either tune, so the last phrase of the text should contain either alleluias or one four-syllable phrase that can be repeated.

View hymn tune BETHOLD

View hymn tune SEWARD

The tune ST. CLEMENT is much more widely known, but because the texts most frequently associated with the tune are “evening” texts, the hymn has little opportunity to be sung by most congregations. The meter for ST. CLEMENT is 98 98.

View hymn tune ST. CLEMENT

Submissions for BETHOLD/SEWARD and ST. CLEMENT will be accepted until August 15, 2019. Entries will be reviewed by a selection committee and evaluated both theologically and poetically. One hymn text may be selected. The writer of the winning text will receive a $500 honorarium.

Funding for this prize was made possible through the generous gift of Dr. William and Rev. Nancy Raabe, who made an additional donation to extend the reach and parameters of the Raabe Prize.