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Lisa Dahill – 11/13/20 – Truly present: practicing prayer in the liturgy

Mark Lawson – 10/16/20 – Confused about licensing? Let’s talk.

Sungjoon Lee – 9/18/20 – Practical methods and uses of virtual church music

Clayton Faulkner – 8/21/20 – Ten ways to improve the flow of contemporary worship

Tim Fredstrom – 8/14/20 – Choir after COVID: strategies to come back strong

Jeffrey Scott Doebler – 7/31/20 – Successful handbell choir with small numbers, inexperienced ringers, and limited rehearsal time

Marcell Silva Steuernagel – 7/24/20 – Global worship as the church moves south

Pearl Shangkuan – 7/17/20 – Leading with body, mind, spirit, voice: the preparation of a conductor

Christopher Wilson – 6/26/20 – Joyful noise: percussion in worship

Jeremy Bankson – 6/19/20 – New resources in a new era of ministry

John Morris – 6/12/20 – Why the traditional liturgy works so well during these crazy times

Deanna Witkowski – 11/07/19 – How to Integrate Jazz in Worship (Even If You’re Not a Jazz Musician)

Susan Palo Cherwien – 9/12/19 – For Glory and For Beauty: Poetry in the Service of God

Carl Schalk – 5/23/19 – Basic Principles of Worship & Music in the Lutheran Tradition

Kip Fox – 2/7/19 – Tips for Leading a Worship (Praise) Band

Connie Millberg – 10/18/18 – Developing and Leading a Children’s Music Camp

Mark Glaeser – 6/7/2018 – Recruiting Volunteers to Your Music Ministry

Karol Kimmell – 2/1/2018 – Enhancing the Lenten Experience: Repertoire and Worship Ideas for Children and Small Adult Choirs

Bradley Ellingboe – 11/28/2017 – Rehearsal Time Management: How to be ahead of the game when the clock runs out (and the clock ALWAYS runs out)

David Cherwien – 10/31/2017 – What Music Is “Lutheran” and “Of the Reformation”?