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PresenterWebinar TitleDate
Perez, OmaldoTreasures All Around: Hymns Reimagined for Native Ears2023/08/25
Otte, PaulFree Melody-Soloed Out Hymn Settings and Other Gems in the ALCM Members Area2023/07/28
Martin, LindaWorking with Children, Youth, and Intergenerational Ensembles2023/06/23
Erickson, RickPresenting Bach Cantatas2022/11/04
Shoultz, III, G. PhillipTried and True – With a twist!2022/10/07
Deaver, KatieA Mighty Fortress: Copyright reporting as a commitment to justice2022/09/09
Hawn, MichaelAll Things Bright and Beautiful? Singing a theology of creation2022/08/12
Kim, SungheeBind Us Together: Moving beyond welcoming2022/06/17
Trenney, TomAnd May God Give Us Faith to Sing Always2022/05/22
Carrico, ToddTuneUp: A Way to Recruit Singers by Teaching Them to Match Pitch2022/04/29
WordsmithConcert for the Human Family: Building Bridges in Uncertain Times2022/04/01
Caudill, KoryConcert for the Human Family: Building Bridges in Uncertain Times2022/04/01
West, LaraLeading Global Hymnody: Lessons from the World Music Classroom2022/03/11
Christie, AaronIntroducing the New WELS Hymnal, Christian Worship2021/11/12
Hughes, Adam LefeverTeaching about Music, Liturgy and the Church Musician's Role through Creative Means2021/10/15
Doebele, AlexaBetter Communication through Conducting2021/09/24
Oldenburg, MarkWorship and Civic Life2021/08/27
Mummert, MarkCore Principles of Composing Music for the Assembly2021/08/13
Joy, MichaelHandbell Choirs: Glide and dab your way to better musicianship2021/07/30
Ryan, VincentOrgelkids: Build a real pipe organ in 45 minutes2021/07/16
Borecki, LindaAdvent Folk Mass2021/06/25
Highben, ZebulonPage to Pattern: How the score shapes conducting and rehearsal planning2021/06/11
Hawn, MichaelCongregational Song for the Post-Covid Church: Singing love of neighbor2021/05/21
Baker-Trinity, JenniferIntroducing All Creation Sings2021/05/14
Sims, DavidIntroducing All Creation Sings2021/05/14
Berentsen, KurtMusic Ministry Leadership to/for/with Church Membership2021/04/23
Anderson, Rae AnnDon't Dumb it Down for Children (or Adults)2021/03/26
Hyslop, ScottCommissioning New Works for Your Parish2021/02/26
Clay, ChrisWorship in a New Key2021/01/29
Burkhardt, MichaelThe Holy Week Journey2021/01/08
Dahill, LisaTruly Present: Practicing prayer in the liturgy2020/11/13
Lawson, MarkConfused about Licensing? Let's Talk.2020/10/16
Lee, SungjoonPractical Methods and Uses of Virtual Church Music2020/09/18
Faulkner, ClaytonTen Ways to Improve the Flow of Contemporary Worship2020/08/21
Fredstrom, TimChoir after COVID: Strategies to come back strong2020/08/14
Doebler, Jeffrey ScottSuccessful Handbell Choir with Small Numbers, Inexperienced Ringers, and Limited Rehearsal Time2020/07/31
Steuernagel, Marcell SilvaGlobal Worship as the Church Moves South2020/07/24
Shangkuan, PearlLeading with Body, Mind, Spirit, Voice: the preparation of a conductor2020/07/17
Wilson, ChristopherJoyful Noise: Percussion in worship2020/06/26
Bankson, JeremyNew Resources in a New Era of Ministry2020/06/19
Morris, JohnWhy the Traditional Liturgy Works so Well during these Crazy Times2020/06/12
Witkowski, DeannaHow to Integrate Jazz in Worship (Even If You're Not a Jazz Musician)2019/11/07
Cherwien, Susan PaloFor Glory and For Beauty: Poetry in the service of God2019/09/12
Schalk, CarlBasic Principles of Worship & Music in the Lutheran Tradition2019/05/23
Fox, KipTips for Leading a Worship (Praise) Band2019/02/07
Millberg, ConnieDeveloping and Leading a Children's Music Camp201810/18/
Glaeser, MarkRecruiting Volunteers to Your Music Ministry2018/06/07
Kimmell, KarolEnhancing the Lenten Experience: Repertoire and Worship Ideas for Children and Small Adult Choirs2018/02/01
Ellingboe, BradleyRehearsal Time Management: How to be ahead of the game when the clock runs out (and the clock ALWAYS runs out)2017/11/28
Cherwien, DavidWhat Music is "Lutheran" and "Of the Reformation"2017/10/31
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