Please keep ALCM member Pastor Jennifer Phelps in your prayers. In 2022 she suffered cervical fractures in a pool accident (Kyrie).

From Jennifer’s Facebook updates:

August 14, 2022
Thank you all for your ongoing thoughts and prayers. I wanted to follow up my last post with a mid week update. The good news is I have an incomplete spinal injury (Gloria!), but there is still a long road to recovery. Everyday there is a little bit more nerve activity. Should be transferring to a rehabilitation facility within the next week or so.
Right now the best thing to do beyond prayers is restaurant or door dash cards and gas cards as traveling expenses and managing to get everybody fed are the current challenges for our family.
My phone is off most of the time so please reach out to Greg if you need communicate with me.
August 13 Facebook update:
Chapter 2: Good Shepherd Rehab in Allentown. Thank You for all the prayers, love and support please keep it coming!!
This place is hard core and I am in constant therapies. So I am still asking everyone to refrain from visiting. Please reach out to Greg if you have questions.

November 1, 2022
Dear Friends and family near and far, I am so grateful for all the birthday wishes and prayers for healing over the last days. Being home from the rehab hospital has been both blessing and challenge for us. Your prayers keep us going every day. [We got] good news about my progress thus far. Spinal cord injuries are complex, but all signs point toward hope.

December 31
I started outpatient OT/PT a month ago. I’ve been able to stand up and stay standing at the parallel bars for up to two minutes so far. I’m now able to stand and pivot with 1 person’s assistance (mostly [husband] Greg!) to move from the bed to the wheelchair and back. I can stand in a standing frame for an hour without a blood pressure drop (this is huge for a spinal cord injury!), my back and neck muscles are slowly strengthening so I can sit/stand up straighter. And I’ve even been able to do some simple knitting. The rehabilitation doctor is pleased with my progress and strength building thus far.

January 4
Five months and 10 days post injury, I took my first steps today. 26 steps to be exact. Thanks for all the prayers and support!

January 25
Thank you for the ongoing prayers, love and support. All it takes is for my physical therapist to say, “I’m not sure if you can do this” for me to reach a new milestone. This week, I stood on my own from the wheelchair into a walker. This means my legs are doing the work of standing (not my arms). Next goal: standing up from the chair with the walker and taking steps!