We’re saddened to share with you the following posted on Facebook by ALCM board member Tony Cruz:

Dear Friends,
I never thought I’d be writing this status today.
The love of my life, Bruce Allan Fornof, died unexpectedly yesterday.
We’ve been legally married for 3 years, but married in our hearts for almost 34 years.
He was a perfect partner for me in so many ways. If I gave him half the happiness and joy he gave me, then it’s a good thing.
Bruce worked from home for many years and I cannot imagine what it will be like to come home at the end of the day and not find him happily waiting for me – and he was always happy to see me.
He anchored me in so many ways. It’s going to be difficult to find a way forward.
His sister, Bev Fornof Schettler , is also mourning today.
His last words to me, Tuesday morning, were “I love you more.”
This pic is from the day we were married by Pastor Daniel Locke at our home in Jacksonville.
Please, no calls today, but texts and emails are welcome.
Thank you to my family, Pastor Daniel, and Kathy Rosser VanOsdol for sitting with me last night.
Peace be with all of you.
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