Please keep in your prayers new owner and ALCM member John Panning, Lynn Dobson, and the employees of Dobson Pipe Organ Builders. On June 15th, the business was destroyed by fire. From their Facebook page:

“This afternoon, the Dobson workshop was devastated by fire. One of our coworkers was burned when he discovered and attempted to put out the fire, but he is expected to make a full recovery. We are thankful there was no more serious injury.

We are grateful for your prayers and the many heartfelt expressions of sympathy and support. We will post further news as it becomes available.”
A June 17 update from John Panning:
“This morning, I am leaving Chatham, Massachusetts, in a 26′ rental truck containing most of the physical property of Dobson Pipe Organ Builders that remains following the fire that consumed quite literally everything in Lake City. Saved by their presence in Chatham, the pipe trays, scaffolding and small tools used for the installation of Op. 98 are needed at home for service and restoration projects on our books that are now our immediate focus as we move forward.
I can’t begin to acknowledge personally the hundreds of messages I have received in these last two days, but I have read each with wonder and gratitude. Your expressions of love, concern, and confidence for the future have been a balm for the horror so graphically visible in the photos and videos, which I cannot view at this time without raw emotion. All of us at Dobson are deeply grateful for your sympathy and prayers.”