Please keep in your prayers Jenny Hobby, wife of ALCM member Bob Hobby. Bob posted this news on Facebook on November 12, 2021:

A number of you may have seen several recent posts related to my dear wife, Jenny.

Following several weeks of a slowly diminishing use of her right side – specifically her shoulder, arm, and hand – we sought medical help. A series of scans and tests revealed that Jenny had a brain tumor; it was surgically removed last Wednesday. The pathology report, for which we have been waiting, now has confirmed the surgeon’s suspicion: Jenny has cancer. She will soon be treated with radiation and chemotherapy. In addition, she will continue to receive therapy in hopes that, in time, her non-functioning arm and hand might be restored again.
Our family is very appreciative for the love and encouragement given us through prayers, cards, kind words, and other gracious gestures. Although we have not been able to reply to every comment/question through these hectic and exhausting days (nor will we be able in future days), our gratitude for your support remains profound. We will continue to draw strength from it in the days ahead.