Received from Laurie Gauger-Hested and Grace Hennig:

Greetings from Martin Luther College in New Ulm!

I’m writing to alert you to something ALCM and the Center for Church Music might be interested to know. Professor Joyce Schubkegel has announced her immediate retirement from Martin Luther College. She is moving to Arizona to care for her brother.

What is so interesting to us at MLC–and something we will share on various communication platforms–is that Joyce served the church (both LCMS and WELS) for 64 years! She served our college for 52 years–56, if you include Milwaukee Teachers College as an arm of Dr. Martin Luther College in the 1960s.

Specifically, Joyce served at First Immanuel-Chicago (LCMS, 1958-1959), St. John-Wheaton IL (LCMS, 1959-1960), Concordia Teachers College-River Forest IL (now Concordia University Chicago, LCMS, 1960-1962), Bethlehem-River Grove IL (LCMS, 1960-1962), Good Shepherd-Palos Heights IL (LCMS, 1962-1966), and Milwaukee Lutheran Teachers College (WELS, 1966-1970). From 1970 to 2022, she served as a full-time music professor at Dr. Martin Luther College/Martin Luther College, teaching courses and lessons, and directing the Treble Choir, which still has an alumni base of hundreds of women who loved her!

Joyce composed much of the music the Treble Choir sang and added creative choreography that delighted our May Night audiences for years. Her compositions received various awards–including the Hillert Award, I believe–and have been published by Concordia Publishing House, MorningStar, and Northwestern Publishing House.

Thank you, Joyce, for your many, many years of faithful service to the church, and congratulations on a well-earned retirement!