May 9, 2020: To keep us up to date on what’s happening, David and Susan have set up a Caring Bridge page:

Susan’s address, should you want to send her a card:
3000 South Alabama Avenue
Saint Louis Park, MN 55416

Please keep Susan and David in your prayers.

April 29 update: The PET scan located the origin of the brain tumor in the uterus, thus uterine cancer is the diagnosis. At the same time, the medical team at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester assured Susan that this form of cancer is treatable. What the treatment might be is not known yet: she and David will travel to Rochester on Monday.

April 16 update from Sam Torvend: There has been a delay in diagnosing the tumor as the laboratory report was inconclusive. You might be able to imagine the frustration that accompanies such ambiguity. In Minneapolis today, she met with an oncology team from the Mayo Clinic. Upon their recommendation, she will have a PET scan next week and a few other tests to see if there is cancer somewhere else that is the origin of the tumor. So we wait with our beloved friend, trusting her to God and the good care of the Mayo Clinic.

Susan was quite happy that she could complete the New York Times crossword puzzle this morning. The symptoms that prompted her to go to the emergency room – which led to the MRI and surgery – have just about evaporated. She also mentioned how wonderful it is to receive so many cards from friends across the country.

April 10 update: Susan is home and doing well!

April 8 update from Susan herself: “Yes, the surgery went well, and I only needed two Tylenol for pain last night. The neurosurgeon just stopped in and pleased to tell me that they were able to remove the whole tumor intact.” Thanks be to God!

On April 7, we received this note from Samuel Torvend:

“I have troubling news to convey concerning our friend and well-known hymn writer, Susan Cherwien. Yesterday, a MRI revealed a tumor the size of a tennis ball in the right frontal lobe of her brain. She is under the good care of a neurosurgeon at Abbott Northwestern Hospital in Minneapolis and is confident in the hospital staff. Susan will undergo surgery tomorrow, Wednesday, in the late morning or early afternoon. Within three days, the report on the tumor will be completed. Susan and David are hoping for a primary tumor (that is benign) in contrast to a secondary tumor that would suggest cancer elsewhere. Her neurosurgeon suggests that she should be home within three days after the surgery.”