ALCM Past President Lorraine Brugh has informed us of the death of Bob Sirko, former professor and chair of the Valparaiso University Art Department. For many years he designed the cover of CrossAccent. Bob passed away Easter morning (2020) after battling cancer for several years. His life touched many and several former students and colleagues have written very moving tributes. They talk about his excitement in trying new ways to produce art, his joy when challenging his students and his dedication to making art no matter the circumstances. The following was posted by JP Avila, a former student:

We don’t always get a chance to tell our role models how we feel. Or we wait for missed opportunities to write long social media posts to memorialize the influence someone made on our lives, but when I got the call that Bob’s cancer came back, I took that moment to talk with him for a bit. I told him the things I would want to say, I said thank you for a life of creativity, curiosity, care.

And now that he is at rest, I hope he has found peace. For his work and creativity are now passed to those of us that were students under Bob Sirko. His legacy lives on in each of our classrooms, in each of our students, and on napkins with your best design doodled on them. May you each find peace, happiness, and encouragement to chase your creative spirit.

The picture to the left shows Bob in front of a piece he created while battling cancer.

If you would like to offer some support to Bob’s family – you are welcome to join others in the parking lot of Saint Patrick’s Catholic Church in Chesterton, Indiana. Bob’s family will know that they are not alone in their grief when they see our presence as they enter the service for their husband and father.

Please join us this Friday (April 17) morning at 9:35 a.m. at St. Patrick’s Catholic Church, 638 N. Calumet Rd, Chesterton. We’ll stay 6’ apart but be present together to show our dear friend and colleague’s family solidarity and love.