In a message from Viktor:

“On Feb. 25 I was sent to the ER and ended up in the hospital for 25 days with 2 back-to-back surgeries 24 hours apart to deal with an abdominal abscess and fistula. It was a long dark night of the soul and a battle which through sheer guts (no pun intended) and incessant prayers from a great cloud of witnesses proved successful. I have been home and have convalesced quite well. Back to full time church joy.

However, when they performed the CAT scans for the surgeries, they also discovered that I am the vessel of a 2.4 cm kidney stone. The laser removal of this unknown-to-me invader is scheduled for July 19, and I made the obviously wise decision to not travel until that surgery was completed and I have healed from it. ”

Please keep Viktor in your prayers.