What Wondrous Love

Each time the church gathers to pray and sing, we hear the wondrous story of God’s divine love revealed in Christ—a love that is deep, broad, high, amazing, and steadfast, that builds up and binds everything together in perfect harmony. Love is our greatest commandment and the source of our song. Or, as the hymnist exclaims: “What wondrous love is this!”

An iconic sculpture of the word “love” stands in the central plaza of a city designed so that its colonial residents and the area’s indigenous peoples could live together in harmony. Like the vision of its founder, William Penn, the city’s name was the product of peaceful coexistence between two Greek words: Philos (loving) alongside adelphoi (siblings). Philadelphia.

This biennial conference of the Association of Lutheran Church Musicians invites us—through worship, lectures, workshops, and making music together—into deeper reflection about the what, wonder, and love of which the church sings. 

May love continue to be our song, prayer, and endless story.