2021 Webinar Series

ALCM webinars are live online workshop sessions. The presenter’s live video and a handout can be seen on the computer screen. Registrants can communicate if they like by typing into a chat box which is also seen on the screen. Typically, ALCM webinars consist of a 45-minute presentation and 10 minutes of questions. Registrants receive an emailed link and instructions to attend the webinar an hour or more prior to the workshop.

Webinars in 2021 will be offered in four separate series, which may be purchased at the prices listed below, or purchased as a full-year webinar package—$95 members/$190 nonmembers—a 15% savings that includes automatic registration for all sixteen webinars throughout the year.

You may register at any time during 2021 and receive recordings of the live webinars which are completed. In 2022 the webinars will revert to the regular price of $25 members/$39 non-members per webinar.

All webinars are on Fridays at 2:00 pm Eastern, unless otherwise noted.

Free Webinars

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January 8
Michael Burkhardt
The Holy Week Journey

May 14
Jennifer Baker-Trinity, David Sims, and John Weit
Introducing the New ELCA Worship Supplement, All Creation Sings

November 12
Aaron Christie
Introducing the New WELS Hymnal, Christian Worship

Spring Webinars 

($40 members/$80 nonmembers)

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January 29
Chris Clay
Worship in a New Key: Contemporary music in Lutheran worship

February 26
Scott Hyslop
Commissioning New Works for Your Parish: It’s easier than you think!

Friday, March 26
Rae Ann Anderson
Don’t Dumb it Down for Children (or Adults)

Friday, April 23
Kurt Berentsen
Music Ministry Leadership to/for/with Church Membership

Friday, May 21
Michael Hawn
Congregational Song for the Post-Covid Church: Singing love of neighbor

Summer Webinars 

($35 members/$70 nonmembers)

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June 11
Zebulon Highben
Page to Pattern: How the score shapes conducting and rehearsal planning

June 25
Linda Borecki
Advent Folk Mass                                                                                     

July 16
Vincent M. Ryan
Orgelkids: Build a real pipe organ in 45 minutes

July 30
Michael Joy
Handbell Choirs: Glide and dab your way to better musicianship

Fall Webinars

($35 members/$70 nonmembers)

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August 13
Mark Mummert
Core Principles of Composing Music for the Assembly

August 27
Mark Oldenburg
Worship and Civic Life

September 24 (3:00 PM EASTERN)
Alexa Doebele

Better Communication through Conducting

October 15
Adam Lefever Hughes
Teaching about Music, Liturgy, and the Church Musician’s Role through Creative Means