Worship Solutions that Respond to COVID-19 Challenges

Mark Johanson and a team of other church musicians from the Charlotte, North Carolina, area have put together a helpful series of videos explaining the work they’re doing to respond to worship challenges created by the pandemic. We hope these videos will be of help to others serving congregations and leading the people’s song during this time.

The videos are included in one playlist on ALCM’s YouTube channel and appear in the following order:

  1. Opening Video / Introduction
  2. Revising Your Worship Services: The “Why” and the “How”
  3. Live-Streaming: The Basics
  4. Incorporating Your Congregation into the Live-Stream
  5. Case Study: A Reasonable Plan to Safely Reopen for In-Person Worship (Messiah Lutheran, Charlotte)
  6. Copyright Check-Up
  7. Amp Up Your Live-Stream: Cameras
  8. Amp Up Your Live-Stream: Lighting
  9. Amp Up Your Live-Stream: Technology
  10. Amp Up Your Live-Stream: Sound
  11. Amp Up Your Live-Stream: Effective Use of ProPresenter
  12. Plenary Session: Recruiting Volunteers to Your Music Ministry (prerecorded from a 2018 ALCM webinar)